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Stanley Rosen

Stanley Rosen doesn’t care much for publicity. Nevertheless, after collaborating with him for months, a website devoted to his life’s work,, is now on-line. (Photos and site design by yours truly.)

Rosen, now 88,  joined the faculty at Bennington College in 1960 and led the ceramics department for several decades. Simply put, he inspired a generation of artists.

Below is a sample of some of the work featured on his site. He is due to have a one-person show at the Bennington Museum in 2017.

All of the pieces are fired clay. They have no titles.

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Catastrophe Hats

Catastrophe Hats

Maggi Randall’s exhibit “Catastrophe Hats and Other Recent Works” is on display at Southern Vermont College’s Burgdorff Gallery through July 8. “My hats are a response to all manner of catastrophes, from melting ice caps to tsunamis, tornadoes and mudslides, all of which are increasingly assaulting the planet,” Randall says. “Why hats? Because these climate changes are in most everyone’s minds. What better way to contain them than in a hat?”


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