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Vermont Soul Food

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Sonny’s Blue Benn: Feeding the Soul of a Vermont Town

The Story Project has just published its first local history, “Sonny’s Blue Benn: Feeding the Soul of a Vermont Town.” Caitlin Randall is responsible for the text; I’ll take the blame for the principal photography and book design.

According to thestoryproject.net, “This richly illustrated book captures the essence of a local landmark, documenting the history of a legendary diner and the family that created it. The Blue Benn’s story is told by the people that made the diner an iconic Vermont institution: the family that built the business, the regulars who ate there and the staff that served them. Together, they serve up home-spun, funny and often poignant accounts of life at the Benn and, in doing so, capture a slice of life in small-town Vermont.”

That description was enough to convince staff reporter Keith Whitcomb Jr. to write a story in this weekend’s Rutland Herald headlined “Bennington’s Blue Benn Diner As Told By The Locals Who Love It.” Click the link for a quick, entertaining read. If there are more such stories to come, I’ll try and post them here.

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